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Fic: Conference call

Title: Conference call (sequel to Under The Table)
Author: Jo
Pairing: McShep
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Rodney's revenge
Author's Notes: For slashfictionfan because she started this off with the idea for Under The Table,and for everybody else who asked for a sequel. Sorry it took so long, hope you like.Thanks to lyndasty and geeky_ginger for their encouragement and feedback. All mistakes are mine and apologies are a given. :D
Disclaimer: Mine? Yeah right...I wish! *cries* They're not!

John moved quickly through the corridors of Atlantis, he needed to get to the briefing room before Caldwell and Lorne. Needed to scope out the area and make sure there were no little ‘surprises’ hiding anywhere. He knew Rodney McKay, he was a sneaky little genius who had way too many torturous thoughts running round that large brain--most of them involving John in one way or another.

Entering the Room, John checked under the table first, not surprised to find it vacant. He checked behind large gauzy curtains framing the large windows, he wasn’t sure why because HELLO, gauzy and see through, but then again Rodney was a genius and John had no doubt whatsoever that if he wanted to, he could find a way to hide there. Then he made his way out onto the balcony, and no, no Rodney there either.

Making his way back inside the room John frowned, absently rubbing at the back of his neck. He was nervous and agitated. He knew Rodney would have spent the day plotting his revenge, knew that no matter how much Rodney had enjoyed their ‘encounter’ earlier that morning, he was not one to make idle threats. Rodney had told him that ‘payback was a bitch’, and John had no trouble believing him whatsoever, especially considering a certain sneaky little Czech had been staring at him in the mess hall not 10 minutes before with a smug , amused and knowing expression on his face.

John had asked Radek where Rodney was, hoping to find out even the briefest snippet of information that would save him from whatever Rodney had planned.

Zelenka had shrugged, smirked, “I have no idea Colonel, it is not my business…he is boss not me,” and walked away chuckling quietly.

And that’s when John knew he was in trouble, because if Radek was in on the idea that meant two genius brains working against his one average one. John sat down at the table and dropped his head into his hands. He was so screwed.


He was still sat in the same position a few minutes later when Lorne and Caldwell entered. Lorne frowned at seeing his superior looking so stressed.

“Problems Sir?”

John shook his head, closing his eyes briefly. After all what could he say ‘I am going out of my mind because my genius boyfriend is planning revenge for the fact that I blew him right here under this table, not four hours ago, while he was in a meeting.”? Although a part of John would love to see the look on certain faces if he did say it.

Instead though John just shook his head and mumbled “everything is fine Major”, Before Caldwell interrupted and they began the meeting.

Ten minutes in and John finally began to relax, discussing manoeuvres, weapons and patrols with Caldwell, going over reports with Lorne. He never expected the crackle in his ear as his comm came on line.

John flinched slightly, then frowned. What the…? Moaning? Who the hell was moaning? Was that Rodney??

John heard a chuckle in his ear. “Hey Colonel, You didn’t actually think you that you had got away with it did you?”

John froze. No way, no way was Rodney gonna do this. As he heard Rodney start to speak John knew that it would be unlikely for him to escape from the meeting unscathed.

“Do you wanna know where I am John?” Rodney asked his voice low and husky. “Right at this moment I am in Puddlejumper one. I am sitting in your chair, completely naked…well apart from my thigh strap. I have one leg resting on the console and I am playing with all the little gadgets. Twiddling knobs, lighting things up…pushing buttons.”

John swallowed hard, as his mind provided the visual feed to Rodney’s audio. Rodney was pushing buttons alright. He knew how much John liked the thought of him in the Puddlejumper, knew how much it turned him on. John tried to concentrate on the words that Colonel Caldwell was saying, listened to him talk about the latest missions, but it was no use--not when Rodney’s voice was in his ear.

“I’m all alone here John, nobody about but me. I got bored running the jumper protocols, so I thought I would play. How about it Colonel Kinky, wanna play? Do you want to sit in your meeting and imagine me sitting here waiting for you, touching myself slowly. Sat in your chair, with my legs spread and cock in hand, stroking oh so slowly.”

John could almost hear the smirk on Rodney’s face as he felt his pants tighten. That knowing look that said he was certain he knew what he was doing, that he was doing what no-one else could. Only Rodney could make John this hard this fast, the fact that he could do it from the other side of the city was just something else John was going to have to live down.

“I am touching just like you like to do, John.” Rodney continued, his breath hitching slightly, leaving John in no doubt whatsoever that Rodney was actually doing what he said. “Slowly, lazily, just enough to keep me hard, keep me turned on, I could last a long time like this…but then you know that.”

He was going to kill Rodney for this, John thought, shifting in his seat trying to alleviate some of the pressure in his crotch. Trying and failing of course, because Rodney had already started speaking.

“I am so hard,” Rodney moaned, and John shifted again in his seat. “I am sitting here picturing you with your hand on me, your touch gentle but firm. Stroking oh so slowly with one hand while the other teases with my nipples. Yeah John, I know how much you like my nipples. The way you squeeze and pinch them, the way you lick and suck. I always mean to return the favour and do it to you, but then you touch me and I forget. I am not forgetting now though John. I am imagining doing it to you and you doing it back.”

John swallowed and fought to keep his breath even as he heard Caldwell ask him a question. John nodded in response and said “absolutely”. To what he had no idea, Caldwell could have been suggesting they invite the wraith for dinner and a show and John would have readily agreed.

“Can you feel me John,” Rodney whispered. “I can feel you, your hands touching, skimming down my stomach, over my hips. Hey have you noticed that when you stroke over my stomach it quivers? I get a shaky feeling that rises in me…kinda like anticipation, I know what you are about to do next. That’s the only bad thing about this John. Usually about now you would be kissing my stomach. I love the feel of your mouth there. Gentle kisses at first, a quick swipe around my bellybutton, then harder, sucking on my skin, drawing blood to the surface--marking me as yours. I am seriously missing that right now.”

John felt his heart do a flipflop in his chest. He had never heard Rodney be this open, this free. Usually Rodney went along with whatever John wanted to do, he never asked for what he wanted, never spoke about what he liked. This side of Rodney was new, different, and definitely a turn on.

“I am imagining you touching my cock again John,” Rodney interrupted John’s random musings. “I wish I could touch yours too, let you feel what I am feeling, but for now I guess I can just tell you about it. How hot I am for you, how hard.”

Rodney moaned again, a deep growling noise erupting causing John to shudder. John pressed the heel of his hand to his groin, closing his eyes briefly, reopening them quickly when Caldwell asked if there was a problem.

John shook his head and made a Rodney like hand gesture, signalling for Caldwell to continue with his speech. In John’s ear Rodney was still talking, low and husky, breathless and seductive and John wanted to shut him up and beg him to keep talking all at the same time. That happened a lot around Rodney McKay, the man could annoy the shit out of him but when his voice dropped low or he was talking about prime numbers or science (or what he had had for lunch that day), John couldn’t hide his body's reaction.

But Rodney wasn’t talking about food, he was talking sex, hot, molten, brain scorching sex.

“I can feel you, John.” Rodney’s words got more breathless. “I am stroking my finger along my cock, around the head…down the shaft…across my balls…so, so hot. I’m burning for you. I want you here, inside me. I want it to be you touching me. You slicking your fingers up…did I mention I brought lube? I’m not sure if I did.”

John started sweating. He was harder than he had ever been, eyes dilated with arousal, sweat rolling down his spine. He could feel two pairs of eye’s watching him, one with concern, one with amusement.

John pressed hard onto his cock, willing it to go down, knowing that until it was buried inside Rodney it wouldn’t.

“I am imagining it’s you, John, pushing inside me, teasing me with the tips of your fingers. Usually at this point you would suck me too, but right at this moment I don’t even want that. I want you here, just here, to kiss me…deep, hot and wet. I wanna feel your mouth on mine, your tongue, as you touch me. Then I want you to fuck me, slow and gentle, hard and fast and every speed in between. Do you want that too John? Are you gonna come to me…come and do it? Are you still hard for me? Or is it too late?”

Rodney’s questions became pants and gasps, and John lost it. He jumped up from his seat, knocking the chair backwards. Caldwell stood too, a frown on his face.

“Colonel, is there a problem?”

John shook his head quickly, pointing at his ear piece. “No no, not a problem as such, I am just needed in the jumper bay. Something about an experiment.”

Caldwell nodded. “Will you be needing any assistance?

John’s eyes widened briefly as Lorne choked trying to hold in his laughter, obviously knowing what was going on, John presumed Radek would have told him and hoped that Lorne would help to cover his back.

“No, no thank you sir.” John replied quickly. “I am sure it is just McKay wanting me to turn something on…activate one of the systems, I mean on Puddlejumper one. I can manage, you can continue the meeting with Major Lorne. He is up to speed with what’s been happening and what we need.”

Even as John was speaking he was moving towards the door. In his ear Rodney was moaning and panting, murmuring “Oh God!” and whispering John’s name over and over. John fled the room as soon as Caldwell nodded his assent.

He tore through Atlantis’s corridors like the devil was after him, not seeing anything around him, conscious only of the his need to bury himself in Rodney. As he entered the jumper bay his heart rate sped up, he was panting heavily in a way that had nothing to do with physical exertion. He moved quickly, entering jumper one, finding Rodney sprawled in his seat--legs braced on the console in front of him, two fingers teasing his ass, head flung back against the chair, back arched.

John stood still, amazed at the site in front of him. Rodney was moaning, breathless little whispers, he looked free, uncensored, and totally at ease. John licked his lips and moved towards the front of the puddle jumper. Stopping when he reached Rodney, silently bending and grabbing the lube from the floor.

Rodney was so lost in sensation that he didn’t hear John, and jumped slightly when John moved over him, pressing his mouth to Rodney’s, at the same time inserting a single slicked up finger into Rodney’s ass.

Rodney moaned, a deep gutteral sound, emerging from his chest. John plundered his mouth, licking and sucking, his tongue mimicking the motion that his finger was making. John fell to his knees, Drawing Rodney down out of the chair and onto the floor at the side of him. John stroked and petted the scientist, until he was writhing, before drawing back to stare at him. Ever so slowly John undid the thigh strap from around Rodney’s leg and hips, tossing it to one side as he bent to place small kisses along the indentations on Rodney’s skin.

The kisses got deeper, just like Rodney had described in his fantasy. John sucked and nibbled until Rodney had a string of purple marks decorating his thighs, hips and stomach. John slowly worked his way up Rodney’s pliant body, dropping kisses here and there, stopping his caresses only long enough to shuck his own clothes.

John slicked up his cock, hissing at the sensation assaulting him. He bent Rodney’s legs, knees to chest, and leaned forward, kissing Rodney gently, lovingly, as he lined himself up and pushed inside his lover , determined to take it slow, draw it out. Rodney whimpered, wrapping his arms around John and pulling him closer.

“I need you, god John, I need you deep.”

Rodney’s words broke John’s resolve, he thrust hard and deep, crying out as he did, hearing Rodney cry out too. He moved at a steady pace, muscles clenching in his back as he fought to hold on to the sensations, desperate for the orgasm to come, but wanting this to last forever. Rodney reached between them and took hold of his own cock, sliding it through his fist as John pounded into him. John angled his thrust, needing to get deeper inside, knowing that he would never get deep enough. He thrust hard, hitting Rodney’s prostate repeatedly.

John’s spine started to tingle and burn, every muscle in his body tensed. He was on fire for Rodney, was being consumed by it. He slammed into Rodney as hard as he could needing to find some sort of release. Rodney screamed, arching his back as his orgasm raged. John felt it shudder through him, felt Rodney’s ass clench around him and was lost. He came hard, tears flooding his eyes, gasping out Rodney’s name repeatedly. He collapsed into Rodney’s open arms, spent. The other man wrapping his arms around him, holding him close until the tremors running through his body ceased.

They lay together in silence for what seemed to be an eternity before John moved off Rodney and gathered him into his side, pressing a small kiss to Rodney’s brow before speaking.

“You know this was supposed to be my punishment for what I did to you.” John murmured. “I have to say I don‘t feel punished”

Rodney grinned, and summoning a strength John didn’t even know he had flipped John on to his back.

“Oh I haven’t finished with you…yet.”
Tags: author: jo_zed_pee_em, rating: nc-17

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